Ryan  Ashley

"All I ever wanted to do was entertain.  Pole is my

tool, dance my passion.  My dream came true."       ,Ryan Ashley

Professional Adult Pole Athlete/Adult Feature Showgirl

Welcome to my official website

Hello Friends, and welcome to my Official Fan Site.  I'm excited because here you can find out more about me, follow me on social media, keep up with my tour schedule, and direct clubs to book me in your area... all in one place. 


I'll be continuously working on making this site better so if you have any suggestions email me at ryanashley.info@gmail.com.  Already in the works... Ryan Ashley Merchandise and video clips.


Thank you for stopping by and I hope to see you all soon.

With Love,

Ryan Ashley

...Coming soon

Ryan Ashley in the Media

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  • Preparing for pole work starts in the shower.  Use OIL FREE products that still lightly moisturize (this includes hair products).  Dry skin is just as slippery as oily skin.  Its a fine balance you'll have to discover for yourself.  Everyone is different

  • Trust your instincts.  If your grip doesn't feel right or you are unsure, DON'T DO IT!  Get someone experienced to spot you and help you through it the right way.  Following this rule is the reason I have not fallen to injury in 10 years (knock on wood)

  • Sometimes you just aren't strong enough to pull off a pole trick you want to do.  Here you have two options: Hit the gym, or keep trying until your muscles gain enough strength.  I prefer the later for 1. I have zero patience for the gym and 2. this way I know I'm strengthening the muscles I need. 


Ryan's Pole Pointers